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Compromise – to agree, accord
Exodus 10:26 – “Not a hoof is to be left behind.”
God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and demand the release of not only the Israelites, but their livestock and their possessions. Can you imagine Moses going back into the palace where he was raised to the man he might have once called dad, with such a request? This would change the whole economic system of Egypt, which was used to sustain him as a child. Compromise would have been the easiest thing for Moses, but he was very persistent in his pursuit to carry out God’s command.
The signs and wonders wrought by God strengthened Moses’ faith but were met with much resistance from Pharaoh. The intensity of the plagues caused Pharaoh to slacken his strong hold. Plea bargaining with Moses, he gave permission for the children of Israel to go worship and offer sacrifice within a certain perimeter, and to do so with only the men, leaving the women and children behind. Moses held on for the full release of what He asked for, not at any time compromising.
How many times have we fallen prey to the enemy, not holding on to the promises of God? First the devil tempts with your worship, restricting worship to Egypt, which is enticing and tempting, but this restricted is never what God requested. Then he tells you to go, but not too far, because he knows that getting deeper in God will pull you out of his snares and traps. He restricts your movements with compromise. He also tells you to come alone, leave your children, when the bible clearly states that the entire household should serve God.
Be persistent as Moses was, go for the long haul, all of what God promised! Compromise should never be the way out; it gives the enemy legal right to sift you. It often starts small and progresses to a gaping hole, once the gate is unlock, it gets wider and wider.
The repercussion is way too much
– We lose our testimony
– Witness to loved ones and friends is thawed
– Our children are left confused
Get to the root cause of why you compromise, pull it out with fasting and prayer, and say like Moses –
“Not even a hoof is to be left behind”

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