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"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today"

Our Ministries and Small Groups

    • Men’s Ministry – Warriors for Christ
      This group encompasses young men through senior years. Their mandate is to cultivate leadership qualities in the youths of our community, affirming the Word of God that they are called to be leaders. They are also involved in annual and special ministries, fellowship activities and evangelism.
      Our monthly Men’s Meeting takes place every Second (2nd) Saturday of the Month.Contact the Church for schedule meeting time and place.


    • Ladies’ Ministry – L.I.G.H.T.
      This group encompasses young women age sixteen through senior years. They present the love of God to women as they are challenged to become committed growing Christians as well as catering to their special needs and interest. They are engaged in annual events, fellowship activities and evangelism. Monthly Ladies meeting takes place every Third (3rd) Saturday of the Month.Contact the Church for schedule meeting time and place.


    • Youth Ministry – Tomorrow’s Leaders
      This is a dynamic group of young people and the core of this ministry, who are being prepared to fulfill our mission statement, that of preparing them to be “tomorrow’s leaders”. Our focus is intentionally on the importance of finding a comfortable method of entering their world, drawing them into a maturing relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Thus, fulfilling our mission. This group encompasses all young people, separating them according to age.Meeting on Friday evenings.Contact the Church for schedule meeting time and place.


Contact Information
Our Location
1591 East 233rd Street
Bronx NY 10466 Get Directions

Phone: (718) 231-3097
Fax: (718) 994-3097