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"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today"

Our Values – Renewal – Growth – Progress

Each person that the Lord place within the care of this ministry is made aware that there is a potential for renewal, growth and progress. As a believer grows and mature, they will be fully equipped to minister to the needs of those who will be added to the body of Christ.


At Lighthouse Ministries, renewal is an acknowledgement of where we are spiritually and a willingness to be moved by God in a new direction under the leadership and control of the Holy Spirit. It not just “having a positive attitude” or “having a positive mindset” , as this would imply it is utterly based on human efforts. However, it is the enabling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


When the renewed man studies and applies the Word of God, it is evident. God gives him the enablement to live and grow to all levels of spiritual maturity. It transforms lives from misery to happiness, joy and peace! Therefore, at Lighthouse we place strong emphasis on identifying believer’s gifts, and calling and as believers grow, they are placed in a ministry appropriate to their gifts and calling.


Spiritual progress is the essence of one’s purpose and seeking the Lord’s direction along the journey. As we acknowledge our purpose we will constantly be challenged and encouraged to labor with our gifts and allow God to use them to impact lives for eternity.

The Word encourages us to move on to perfection, and since perfection will not be attained in this life, progress is achieved as we make an effort to move in this direction.