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"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today"

Meet Our Pastor

Fearon_Coleman_9955ee (1)Pastor Dr. Navlett T. Coleman is a passionate, dynamic woman of God, who is guided by the Holy Spirit. She serves the Lord, with all her strength, might and soul. The anointing on her life is very evident and is cultivated through much prayer and fasting and a dedicated life of holiness unto God. She is not just a Pastor but also a mother to her beautiful daughters Kimmy and Keanna and serves as a mothers figure to all who knows her.

Pastor Coleman rose as the head of the Lighthouse Ministries through unusual circumstances, namely the passing of her husband the late and still greatly loved, Bishop Roy Coleman. As his right-hand, she had been constantly molded by him to stand at the helm of the ministry, and with an overwhelming sense of humble obedience to God; she embraced the call to lead God’s people into the next phase of service unto Him.

Pastor Coleman ministers in the prophetic anointing truly attuned to the Word of God for this generation. Her passion is to see souls transformed, strengthened and grow in maturity before God. She graduated from International Theological Seminary with a BA in Theology, Nyack College with a BS in Organizational Management, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Christian Psychology. Pastor Coleman is also a certified chaplain. She provides clear unifying strategic leadership to all area of the ministry, and has general oversight of the believers entrusted in her care by the Lord. She is also the primary spokesperson of the policies, goals direction, vision and ministry of church to members as well as to the broader community at large.  Pastor Coleman is not easily moved by circumstances but rather she prays over circumstances until they are changed by God as she would always say, “I am not worried about it, it’s not my work or doing, it’s the Lord’s.”

The Lighthouse body is truly blessed to have such a wonderful leader as Pastor Dr. Navlett Coleman and it is with great joy and pride that we hope to be able to share her gifts, passion, dynamism and anointing with the world.